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Proof of ownership for IP addresses

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Proof of ownership for IP addresses

On 3 January 2011, RIPE NCC officially ushered in a new era in internet routing. 73 of RIPE's 7,000-odd members have already certified IP address blocks. The practice is intended to prevent future internet routing 'hijacks', but should also help prevent incorrect addressing. In practice, the latter is more frequently responsible for sites temporarily disappearing from the web than hacking.

Work on the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for securing routing has been ongoing for several years. Digital certificates should in future make it possible to check automatically whether entities announcing routes are entitled to do so. All five organisations responsible for allocating IP addresses originally agreed to launch their resource PKIs on 1st January 2011. While AfriNIC, LACNIC and RIPE NCC did launch on this date, APNIC has offered the service since last spring. 362 members from the Asia and the Pacific region are already using the service.

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