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Secunia PSI now has Auto Update

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Secunia PSI now has Auto Update

They have developed scanners for the corporate world and a freeware version for consumers called Personal Software Inspector (PSI). It is reassuring to fire up PSI and check if programs are up to date. If not, PSI will offer suggestions on what to do. It works well, if you remember to update.

Having to manually update is the chink in PSI's armor. By not automating, the process tends to be hit or miss.

Auto Update

That has changed with version 2.0 of PSI. Jakob Balle, VP of Product Development for Secunia refers to the new update feature:

"Secunia aims to solve this problem with Secunia PSI 2.0, featuring updates that are truly automatic. In the sense that, if the user prefers, Secunia PSI 2.0 can install most security updates without requiring the user to download, run, or otherwise perform manual actions to patch their PC."


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