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web design newby

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I am new to website design and want to get up to speed.What is the best way to learn html editors or what books are best for the novist to get started.

Also is there anybody out there familar with hypervre software there tech staff sucks and i need some question answered about navigating the software using coffeecup interface, or is there a better program for building adsense web pages. One that make your keywords into anchor text links.

Thanks,kevin h

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There are many HTML editors and these can fall into the categories of WYSIWYG or basic text editors. WYSIWYG editors are great if you're not really interested in learning about the raw code that goes into making web pages; with text editors you will be looking at the raw code.

For the novice, I believe you should first learn about HTML before learning about the editors because many of the editors are quite similar. The only difference between editors might be the way in which they help developers get things done. Here are a few links you can check out:

8 Website for Quality HTML Coding Examples - via MakeUseOf.com

5 Best WYSIWYG HTML Editors - via Lifehacker.com

Become a Better Web Developer - SitePoint.com

HTML, Javascript and CSS Tutorials - EchoEcho.com

Web Development Tutorials from Beginner to Advanced - Nettuts+

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