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Windows 7 Will Kill XP Ahead of Windows 8, It’s Just a Matter of Time

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Windows 7 Will Kill XP Ahead of Windows 8, It’s Just a Matter of Time

Windows XP is the past, Windows 7 the future. It’s just a matter of time. XP has already lost over 10% market share since Windows 7 was launched, even more than Windows Vista which is down only about half of that.

The numbers of PCs sold worldwide will jump 17% in 2011, to in excess of 400 million, the vast majority of which will come with Windows 7. In this regard, Windows 7 is bound to kill XP in the next couple of years, ahead of the delivery of the next version of Windows, and make itself into the main rival for Windows 8.

Still, there’s little doubt that XP will still be around, even well after Windows 8 hits the market, supposedly in 2012. After all the operating system will enjoy extended support until 2014. But customers still running XP well into the next decade will do so rather because they’re stuck, and not because they choose to.

It will be a real pain running XP years from now. And it has already started with such examples as Windows Live Essentials 2011 and Internet Explorer 9. Trust me, Microsoft is simply setting a trend. Additional software developers will follow, and tailor their products exclusively to Windows 7.

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