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Email moving from Google Apps to Outlook, help?

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Hello all, Thank you inn advance for your time.

I've been using Google apps for the past three years. Decently satisfied. I have three different e commerce websites. Multiple users for each domain.

when I originally set apps up I used my primary domain name and set up an alternate send from name in order to be able to send mail from my second domain name (at that time I only had two websites) Problem with this is when you send mail from the alternate domain name anyone using outlook will see the primary domain name like this "email from [email protected] on behalf of [email protected]" thus defeating the whole purposed of setting up the alternate domain name altogether. I've coped with this until now, but now feel (correct me if im wrong) that outlook would be able to synchronize all three domains in a neater fashion. When I opened my third site I created a new apps account for that domain, but since I was not interested in opening separate in-boxes every time I wanted to respond to emails I forward all mail to my primary in-box and send from there.

My objective is to be able to send email from each domain with ease without someone being able to see that I am sending it under another domain. In addition I have been getting tired of using google apps lately as I soon running out of space, and it has been running slowly for some time.


I would like to set up outlook with each domain- good idea or not?

I currently have office 2003, must i upgrade or will that do?

Domain 1 and 3 are currently using google apps, domain 2 has never been setup from email properly in apps, I use a virtual dedicated server from godaddy, how would I best go about setting up that domain with outlook? ( I am guessing that for 1 and 3, it makes sense to use pop3 or imap, is that correct or shall I just use setting directly from godaddy for that too?)

Do I need an exchange server? ( I would like to keep costs to a minimum.

Much Thanks,


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