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Most people don't realize it but Macs are memory based systems. PCs are processor based. So put extra RAM in your mac and yes quality does make a big difference in performance. Increasing the RAM can even increase overall performance.

Here's a good place for some cheap but still good quality RAMBarracuda's

Crucial Ram .com

The transfer rate through the current cables and busses are far faster than than the current Hard Drives. So trust me a good fast HD is more preferable for performance that a big one. I tend to use 9,000 RPM Barracuda's or 10,000 RPM Raptor drives myself.

OS X is basically Unix with an Apple GUI on it. What that means is that Unix is a server based OS and it runs it's maintenance scripts in the middle of the night. So leaving your computer on over night isn't a bad idea. Remember the fewer times you boot your computer the better anyway. Normally if this is not an option than there are programs that will allow you to run such scripts when you want. Unfortunately have not found one that I like so sorry but no recommendations from me.

The memory management of OS X is extremely good. So instead of starting a program several times a day just leave it open and hide it. It gives you the option in the dock or you can hit Command H.

Well those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head right now. Happy Macing. :D

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