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Windows 7 XP Mode Limits Windows Media Player Functionality

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Windows 7 XP Mode Limits Windows Media Player Functionality

When it revealed that it was going to deliver a free and activated copy of Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) for select editions of Windows 7, Microsoft also indicated that the virtualized version of the operating system releases in 2001 comes with a few shortcomings. Windows XP Mode in Windows 7 cannot be used in gaming scenarios, for example. This week, the Redmond company described further limitations for the free but virtualized copy of XP delivered to customers running the Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate SKUs.

It appears that Windows Media Player functionality is limited in Windows 7 XP Mode. In fact, according to the software giant, users will not be able to leverage the Windows Media Player inside Windows 7 XP Mode in the same manner as they do on Windows 7.

"When you maximize or minimize the Windows Media Player window while playing contents on Windows 7 running Windows XP Mode, you may receive an "unexpected network error occurred" error message, which causes Windows Media Player to stop playing," Microsoft stated.

Microsoft explained that there is no bug behind this problem, and that quite to the contrary, this was the normal, intended behavior from the get go. "This behavior is by design," the company explained. Of course, in the context in which Windows 7 XP Mode was designed with the limitations noted above, customers that have stumbled across this issue should not expect Microsoft to fix it.

And while there won't be an update or a hotfix enabling the full functionality of Windows Media Player inside Windows 7 XP Mode, customers won't even be able to deploy a manual fix. "There is no workaround for it," the software giant underlined. In this context, customers taking advantage of Windows 7 XP Mode should avoid running Windows Media Player, and the frustration that will come with not being able to take advantage of basic functionality such as minimize and maximize.

Update for Windows 7 (KB977206)

Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB977206)


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