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Emsisoft acquires Online Armor

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Emsisoft acquires Online Armor

Online Armor has been acquired by Emsisoft - authors of the Anti-Malware engine we used in our Online Armor ++ product, and company that has worked closely with Tall Emu (even visiting us in Australia this year for a holiday).

As of the 1st July 2010, Online Armor the product is now owned by Emsisoft. The Online Armor website is still at, and you can learn more about Emsisoft at

How does this affect me?

It doesn't - at least, not in a bad way. Emsisoft are taking over the normal operations of Online Armor. If you have a support request, Emsisoft will answer it. If you have a licence key that needs to be reset - Emsisoft will arrange it. Time on your licences - will be honoured by Emsisoft. Licences that have not yet been activated today will still work in future.

However, what you do get with the Emsisoft acquisition is more people working together to focus on great security. We managed to put Online Armor together using a small number of developers. The Online Armor guys have joined Emsisoft - and combined with the Emsisoft team, great things can happen. For example, great progress is already being made on the Windows 64 version, since Emsisoft crossed that bridge some time ago.

Best of all - the owner of Emsisoft, Christian Mairoll is a personal friend. I know that Online Armor goes to good hands and our users will be looked after.

What about Tall Emu?

Tall Emu sold Online Armor so it could focus on its CRM and consulting operations. We just didn't have the time to focus on Online Armor and give it what it deserved. So for us, business goes on as usual - is our main website, and Mike has a new "technology and nonsense" blog at if you want to stay in touch.

Thanks to everyone for all your support - now I will hand over to Christian to talk about the future


Source: By Newsletter subscription from Emsisoft

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