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Ariel Gil

Anyone knows gud Registry Cleaner ?

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Hi Guys,

My PC's performance slowing down continuously...need to clean bad & corrupt registries ..

If anyone can tell me which software is gud for cleaning and Optimizing registries...!! i'll be really glad..!!

..!! its hard to work on it ..!

waiting for the reply..!!


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Hi, I don't personally recommend the use of ANY registry cleaners.

Here is an excerpt from a discussion on regcleaners:

Most reg cleaners aren't "bad" as such, but they aren't perfect and even the best have been known to cause problems. The point they were trying to make is that the risk of using one far outweighs any benefit. If it does work perfectly you will not see any difference. If it doesn't work properly you may end up with an expensive doorstop.

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Invalid entries in the registry will not slow your computer , at least not noticeably. They may cause a few extra microseconds in the length of time it takes to boot up but once the registry is built they have no effect if they are not accessed. Corrupt registry entries are very unlikely since when windows boots up it builds the registry from scratch each time from the various hive files . It compares this registry to the last one it built and if their checksums match no problem if there is corruption it prompts you to reboot and use system restore to restore the previous one.

Most "registry cleaners / optimizers" work by comparing what they find in your registry to what their database says it should find based on the programs it detects installed. Any entry that does not match , it calls an error and deletes. This can only cause problems since when you try to use the feature that that entry goes to you find an entry grayed out or no longer responding, or just plain missing. I have a computer which has been running XP since it came out and never had its registry "cleaned" or "optimized" and it works just fine, as fast as it did eight or more years ago.

I have another which started its life out as a win3.11 machine got updated to win95, then win 98 , and finally XP (with appropriate hardware upgrades, and drive clonings along the way) and it too has never had its registry cleaned and it runs like a champ.

Most of the time when you have a slow computer it is because it is infested with malware (trojans, viruses, adware, spyware. rogue applications, hacked and cracked versions of programs you should have paid for).

The second most common cause is incorrectly disabling startup entries (such as using MSCONFIG as a startup manager,, disabling one registry call for the startup of the application but leaving entries elsewhere for service entries, ssodl launch or winlogon load, etc) Or using a "FREE RAM" application to "free up RAM" by forcing things to use the hard drive swap file instead which can only slow them down.

The third most common cause is a single poorly written or conflicting piece of software. Something you installed which wants to use the same handler or context menu entry as another application you already have installed; or a very poor slow loader or slow updater.

Then there is just failing to add RAM , sticking with the minimal amount which came with the machine or filling up the hard drive (windows likes to have at least 20% drive space free).

So which describes you?

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