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Google email service now defaults to SSL connections

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14 January 2010

Google email service now defaults to SSL connections

Google has modified its Google Mail email service, also known as Gmail, in such a way that browser connections to the service are now encrypted via SSL by default. It's not known whether this change was prompted by a suggestion made last June by a group of prestigious researchers and security specialists including Eugene H. Spafford, Bruce Schneier, Jeff Moss, Jacob Appelbaum, Steven M. Bellovin, William R. Cheswick and Ronald L. Rivest, or whether it is due to the recently publicised attacks on Chinese Gmail accounts.

While account logins have always been handled via https, the connections for accessing emails were previously unencrypted by default. This allowed attackers to read their victims' emails, for instance, at Wi-Fi hot spots. Although the account settings did offer the option of using SSL encryption after logging in, only a small number of users apparently enabled this option.

More on this topic at Heise security - http://www.h-online....ons-904471.html

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