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Women Love Their Phone More than Their Boyfriend

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I don't think a phone makes my priority list ... diamonds and a new wardrobe, definitely would.

women love their phone more than their boyfriend

Survey reveals the most prized possessions of today’s woman

They say a girl can’t live without her girlfriends, with whom she shares everything from her deepest thoughts to the regular shopping sprees. At least, that’s what we’re occasionally told on TV, in books and many movies. As it turns out, a woman’s most prized possession is not a friend but her mother, while she would also give her boyfriend in exchange for the chance to keep her mobile phone, the Daily Mail says. At the same time, three thirds of the ladies admitted they could very well go through life without a man. Boyfriends actually came up at number five on the women’s list of objects they wouldn’t want to live without, followed immediately after diamond rings, pets, laptops and hair straighteners, the Mail says. On the bright side, prized possessions manage to raise a smile at least five times a day with three quarters of the women included in the survey, the findings also

Other items included in the list of prized possessions are mascara, a pair of favorite shoes, concealer and Vaseline. On average, women spend £624 yearly on treats that boost her mood – including here anything from a candy bar and ice cream to cosmetic products and jewelry. indicate.

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