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Various random programs 'stopped working'

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I currently am running Windows Vista Home. on my HP Pavillion dv4-1275mx laptop.

I worked on my computer this morning with no problems, before leaving for work set it to Hibernate. waited for it to power down and left, as i normally do.

When i returned home, and booted up i received several error messages informing of various programs stopped working. I am then prompted to send information to microsoft. etc.

Simultaneously i received several warnings from Avast! Anti-Virus about exploits found in several old .Jpeg picture files.

"MS04-028 JPEG [EXPL]" i took the recommended actions on these files and quarantined them, and have not received any new notifications.

The laptop is less than a year old, and as far as i know, all automatic updates have been installed. I've searched forums and have not been able to find any similar occurrences of this.

Forgive me if i am posting incorrectly, it has been a while since i've needed outside assistance with issues like this.

Thank you in advance.


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