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Can't Access Anything

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did you check the connection if it is wired in the back of the tower?

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Restart the computer

As the mouse and keyboard do not work press and hold the power button till it shuts off .

A hard stop like this is not something to do all the time but is sometimes the only option.

Wait thirty seconds and restart.

Start tapping the F8 key once a second until you get a boot options menu and choose safe mode.

Go to start=> programs => accessories => system tools => system restore.

Choose to restore to a previous state and choose the most recent date before this happened (note you have to choose a bold date) apply and let it do its thing and reboot to normal mode.

I think you got a virus / trojan over facebook (a hacked application or widget or whatever facebook calls them) and it caused this. While system restore has recovered your PC to operating status you are still infected and need to have an expert guide you through checking for the infected files. Then get a good antivirus and firewall and make sure they are on before you visit facebook again.

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