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Problems With Dual Monitors

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Here's my system specs:

OS: Vista Home Premium

Computer: HP Pavilion P6110F

Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT

Primary monitor: HP w2338h

Second monitor: Viewsonic VX922

My Problem

Most of the time when I boot up the secondary monitor will remain blank. Sometimes I can get it to appear by simply rebooting - most of the time not. Sometimes I can go to control panel, disable the 2nd monitor, restart, and the monitor will be recognized, sometimes not. Unplugging the monitor then reconnecting sometimes works, sometimes not. If I manage to get both monitors recognized, and then leave the computer unattended long enough for it to go to sleep, the chances are that, when I reawaken the computer, the second monitor will be blank, and I'll have to futz around for 20-30 minutes to get it back.

This computer is new and originally had onboard video, which would support only one monitor. I disabled the onboard video, and installed the NVIDIA card which supports dual monitors. Everything worked fine for a day or two, then the song and dance began. I have installed all the latest drivers for the monitors, the motherboard, and the video card.

Any help appreciated.

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