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Microsoft Bootvis

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Bootvis is one of my all time favorite tools.

I don't for the life of me understand my Microsoft chose to stop supporting and offering it on their website.

Bootvis has a boot cycle optimization section that will for the short term improve your boot times, it's better to let XP handle the boot optimization.

Apparently (this is from Microsoft) Bootvis's opinion and XP's opinion of optimum are different, and the competition will degrade boot times after a while.

That said, the charts that Bootvis generates gives a wonderful view about what actually is going on during the boot cycle.

One major thing it pointed out to me was that having the WAN network connection enabled put a huge pause in the cycle while the computer searched for other systems to connect to.

Once I disabled the WAN connection my boot time trimmed to about 45 seconds (from 3 minutes).

You can also see if there are some "hidden, hidden" startups that programs like CodeStuff Starter (or MSConfig for that matter) don't see/show.

Grab a copy NOW. I hope the link I'm posting stays valid, but who knows for how long?

I think MajorGeeks still has a valid link to it as well. (Yes they do:Bootvis)

Most of the other sites' links refer to Microsoft's download site, which no longer offers Bootvis.

Give it a try, you'll be amazed what it takes to get to the Desktop.

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