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Snow Leopard Is A Pale Imitation Of Windows 7

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"Let's wade through Apple's laundry list of borrowed features and

derivative works in the new Mac OS." =

"Why Macs Can't Beat PCs with Windows 7

Apple's heyday of picking on Windows is over, and it can no

longer claim its OS is better than Windows 7 -- here are 5

reasons why." =

"Snow Leopard ships with flawed Flash.

Mac users could be exposed to threats already patched." =

Snow Leopard fails to convince CIOs to adopt more Macs =

"Security vendors dismiss Snow Leopard anti-virus.

New anti-malware feature described as 'rudimentary';" =

"Experts warn of malicious Snow Leopard sites.

Bogus downloads riddled with malware." =

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let see the PC world article is just wrong.. all of those features were there, and why boot into a 32bit kernel first.. lets see, the first intel macs have a 32bit EFI and while that can boot a 64bit kernel the Driver translations need to be all 64bit, which is not there yet.. but you can boot 64 bit with a keypress at boot time.. something windows can not do.

the rest goes on and on about features that were improved (expose has been around since tiger, long before vista was released) so they are written by people with no clue or have never used the system.. sad

but let me share this..

Windows 7 is just a service pack to vista.. most of the new features are just changes to what was already there.. I know this because my neighbor is on the windows 7 development team.. they will not advertise this as they feel windows 7 is a curse word.. they even changed all the division names to not have vista in them.. even though until server 2009, NT was still in a lot of division names..

here is my take on Snow Leopard

Cost.. cheep $25 at Micro Center

I took it home and upgraded my tiger macbook with no issues.. I say again I upgraded my 32bit Tiger system not wipe and reload, put disk in and upgraded.. Windows 7 will not upgrade your XP, its a reload.. Windows 7 will not upgrade Vista 32bit to Windows 7 64bit... no.. matter of fact you can not upgrade vista 64bit business to windows 7 64bit ultimate

after the upgrade I have 7.5gigs more harddrive space than when I started.. (real space not space counted at 1 gig = 1000meg)

what I got more disk space back at an upgrade not a wipe..

the system is faster on the new iwork package.. noticeable faster.. must be that new memory structure and new way to do paging..

I can now connect to my works exchange server.. you can do this in windows.. only after you buy office with outlook, as our exchange servers will not connect to outlook express.

so all in all well worth the money..

now Vista 64 bit and Windows 7.. sound on my Dell E6500 quits after 30 min.. it says its putting out sound.. but its not.. Dell blames MS, MS blames Intel and Intel shows that the same driver works under Linux 64bit with zero issues..

Vista and windows 7 can not find my USB mouse.. every time I plug one it it says its a browser mouse and loads the wrong driver.. leaving me to fix it.. it only takes two min to fix.. but every time...

features Windows dose not have that I got with Snow Leopard

Time machine (not in Tiger)

Face Recognition in Iphoto

More diskspace than I started with (on upgrade)

Exchange support (with out Office Windows Gives no corporate exchange support)

all well worth the $25.. Hell I spent $45 on Spore.. and what did that give me.. except less time..

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