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Wifi Options?

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Hi all....

I am trying to find what my options are for wireless, mobile service? I am not sure that I am asking this right.....but I want to be able to use a netbook without using the internet service at work or where there is no wifi. Someone mentioned a Verizon air-card......but I am not sure what that is or if that is the best option for me.

Thanks for your help!!


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well the air cards are what the wireless phone providers are using. each one has air cards available. and have usually 2 types of service. they have a 50mb and a 5gig service. when you go over that, you have to pay for the extra usage. if you are just emailing and surfing, you would be fine. but if you are going to download and upload videos, then it is not what you want.

some businesses have wifi available, but it is through their servers. and they would have limitations on what you could do, since it is their service.

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I've used the ATT netcard when in the hospital in Milwaukee, in Wisconsin the only other city with G3 coverage available is Madison.

For the rest of Wisconsin you are looking at dialup speed when in range of a cellular tower.

Check your own area.

I was getting such varied speeds, usually around 500k down and an incredible 500k plus upload.

Disappointed drop offs and I was stationary in bed.

Very frustrating trying to post and lose it all before sending.

All for the lovely price of $60 monthly and a 2 year commitment is insanity.

I'm sure Verizon works the same way.

I canceled within the 30 day satisfaction period, a very wise choice !


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