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Not One But Two New Os X Malware

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Not One but Two New OS X Malware

by Det Caraig (Technical Communications)

Two new malware for Mac OS X were recently discovered. Even though there are indeed relatively fewer Mac malware compared with Windows, many Mac users who still believe they are somehow magically immune from attacks may run the risk of encountering any of these two.

One of the newest Mac OS X malware, a Trojan detected as OSX_RSPLUG.C may be unknowingly downloaded by a user while visiting malicious websites. The said websites encourage users to download a software that is needed to play a promised hardcore pornographic video, which is actually a Trojan that renders your computer easy prey to hackers. It arrives as a .DMG file and contains a .PKG file. When executed, it displays the following GUI installation window:"

story plus screenshot - trendmicro -

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still have to enter a password..

this is news to let people know that you can install something and it can do bad things.. Word is a perfect example of this.. it keeps locking up my Mac like the great denial of service app it is..

I get tired of the see you can be hacked, you just need to install this app, enter your admin password and we own you.. Duh....

but dumb people do it,, and it keeps me getting paid.. so let them.. its computer natural selection

there is no software that can protect you from this.. so the only cure is to teach people how to use the internet...

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