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Terragen 2.0 Is Here!

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Terragen 2.0 is here!

Change the landscape with Terragen™

Every landscape on this page was created with Terragen™ - Planetside Software's range of PC and Mac software for the visualisation of landscapes and natural environments. Terragen has been used to create visual effects for many films including The Golden Compass and The Wicker Man, dozens of games and countless TV commercials, but some of the most inspiring creations come from people who use it for fun. You can download free non-commercial editions of Terragen Classic or Terragen 2 for personal use, with only a few limitations. Affordable licences are available for Terragen Classic and Terragen 2.

Terragen 2.0 is here! Read about it here

Official Documentation


Download Terragen™ 2


Terragen™ 2 Home

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