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hi team.

im posting this to see if any one has taken notice of thr amount of space .

you save by cleaning out the restore points regular.

and its some thing i dont do.

until i notice.the space i use is getting down.

i have this 4.9 geg unit i play round with. learning how to utilise the components and software.and i notice my gegs was getting down .

so went to disk clean up.

and when it came to. delete restore points.there was nearly 2gegs of restore points cleaned up.

as im a fan of restore my compt .

i didnt mind as long as it is done regular. and not like i did wait until it was nearly to late to late.

i also have a compt with 40 geghdd.and i dont even look at this feature

but it is a lesson for me not to take things for granted.

now my Q after that long winded blow out

to set the restore slider.is it better to set it at full or lower if lower where.

mine is set at 1174 mg or 12 per cent


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Hi Marty

Since this is more of a question than a Tip, I'm, going to move it to Windows Support forum and leave a link to it in this forum.

To answer your question I think a little background in System Restore is needed first.

Monitoring your drives with System Restore is a good idea but you do not really lose any space to it. Windows will allocate space for restore points depending on the percentage of drive space you choose but it will automatically start cutting out older points as your drive space becomes low. It's a Dynamic process and is self monitoring so if you become really low on drive space it will clear up some room for you by deleting older points.

Depending on the size of the drive of course, %12 percent may be 60 points or 160 points or more. I advise against using any restore point over 2 weeks old as too many changes have probably taken place in that time period and restore could get buggy on you.

I usually set mine on a 40G and an 80G at %3 which gives me around 40+ restore points or more on the smaller drive. That easily covers the early points and goes back a couple of weeks depending on how active I've been. I find that this is more than enough restore points to reverse any problem I may have, and I'm not a big Restore buff as I had some failures of this feature before.

Hope this helped you Marty


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Thanks Marty for bringing this up and thanks to you Chappy for the info :D.

I have a 110 GB HD and don't know what the %'age is set to, but if 12% is defualt, there are probably hundreds of useless restore points on it. :( ,

I will reset to Chappy's suggested 3% sometime this weekend,

Thanks again!


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I have mine set at 3% too, 80 GB HD.

If I need to do a System Restore(which I rarely do any more)I never go back

further than 2 weeks, like Dave said.

I have got in the habit of setting a Restore Point every day or before installing a

program, after uninstalling a program or doing a regedit.

Every 2 weeks I clear Restore Points and start over.

Here are some helpful sites to some I hope.

Understanding System Restore

FAQ's Regarding System Restore in Windows XP

Use System Restore to Undo Changes if Problems Occur

Windows XP System Restore Guide

Create a System Restore Point

Clear System Restore Points for Performance

How to restore the operating system to a previous state in Windows XP

Scroll down to

System Restore

The Elder Geek

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well I realize this is just my opinion but I have restore turned off. I just back up frequently. anyway I'm only using 1.34 gig on a 40 gig hard drive so reinstalling is no big deal and gets rid of a lot of junk also.

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well team i apprecaite the amswers i got from some of the most experienced on the board.

on my 40geg i dont worry about restore points tho clean it every so often.

but as i said in my original post, the compt i experiment with, only has a 4plus hdd

and so i need to watch the space.but will take daves advice and set it lower set it lower .

the reason i posted initially was the 4geg was freezing every now and then.

i thought the restore points may have been the reason.

was why i posted .

normally if im in doubt i post here.

and as you can see i got the advice from some of the best in the field.

so thanks again team .

but dont get complacent ile be back again.

you guys have a great day.

or me ive been to horse racing and im ready for bed

once again thanks


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