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We bought an APC uninterrupted power supply at a yard sale. Model # BP 650 S.

Ok, it needs a battery and we're not gonna spend $70 for the APC one.

It also lights up the red led, labeled: "site wiring fault" We have tried it all over This Ole House and also in a brand new house, with the same red light. Is it supposed to be lit or not?

Also, even without the battery it has 3 outlets labeled "surge protected", which work. Are they protected?

Can we use something like a regular battery instead of the "approved" APC branded one?

Hope to find some help here folks.

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Do you have an interstate battery outlet near you ? (They make and sell car batteries; but also make and sell the batteries for UPS, and alarm systems and lots more)

If you take them the battery they can match it up and for a fraction of the cost.

Okay the specs for your battery

Total Amp Hours

Chemistry: SLA

Volts: 12

Original Amp: 11

AmpHours: 12

Color: N/A

Description: Sealed Lead Acid battery with 2 contacts on top.

Vendor Warranty: 12 MONTHS

Dimensions: 5.94 x 3.82 x 3.94

So 12 V 12 AH

This one


Looking online that is about norm

Although this source seems to have the lowest ($29)

Site wiring fault generally means that the outlet is not properly grounded. IE surge protection on that circuit will not work because there is no true ground to discharge the surge to. Buy an outlet tester and test to find out if the previous owner/ flipper just put three prong outlets in a two wire box.


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I already determined I can get a battery cheaper, and we do have an Interstate place near.

My problem/question is: Does the light on mean good? Or faulty? As I said, we tried the units on a "dedicated" circuit I installed just for the computers.(own breaker) We also tried it at a new home that had it's final electrical inspection done. The GFCIs passed, so I figured the system was proper.

Our new shop has one 20A circuit for our 12'x12' office. We have yet to try it there.

Our Belkin and Trip-Lite(surge protectors) here at home work fine. (I think) At least their lights are lit. The Belkin has a green, labeled "protected" and an orange,(red) labeled "grounded". Same with the Trip-Lite, and the APC was plugged into the same outlet.

Does that mean the APC is protected when the light is lit? Have we been chasing our tails? Right now, we are not looking for back-up, but need an extra surge protector in the office and the APC has 3 protected outlets and 3 back-up. The back-up ones don't work with the battery so we removed it for replacement in the future. (and they still don't work :-) )

Sure glad you responded, BTW, did you ever make galumkies? Have you made them often enough to come up with your own signature? If so, PM me with your take...

This is a baby retirement business and cash is in short supply during set up.

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The OL still has frowned on the idea of galumkies; she is not one to try new foods (Stubborn Italian woman). Still hoping to go for them some day. Other complication is that she no longer has teeth and hates wearing her dentures so most days food has to be soft and easy to eat without any chewing; stuff you could practically swallow whole and not have it bother your stomach or choke you. Still I have a craving for galumkies, pierogies and other different foods. All to often when I experiment she says "well you can eat that, I'll have pudding and whipped cream"

7. My Site Wiring Fault Indicator or Building Wiring Fault Indicator LED light is on. What does it mean? What should I do?

1. My "Replace Battery" or "Check Battery" LED light is on, what should I do?

All APC Back-UPS Office, Back-UPS Pro, and Smart-UPS models have a visual indicator light to warn you that the battery will soon need to be replaced. Please click on the appropriate link below for instructions on what to do if this indicator illuminates.

Not all the links but those should point you in the right direction.

Are you plugging the UPS into a GFI outlet??

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That answers my question. I think. No we did not plug it into a GFCI, only an outlet in the new home. One would think that the hot and neutral would be wired correctly in a newly inspected home. (I can understand in my ole house.)

Tomorrow we are opening for business, I'll check the unit there. Is there a tester that would check to see if the surge protection is working? We have a nice multi-tester.

Maybe the next time I make a batch, I'll freeze a few up and send them to you...

Thanx for your time.

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Thanx, shanenin. It was uneventful, other than sorting out glitches in the office set up. *&%^#* Charter had our service set at one meg and we bought 7. The wireless wouldn't work, but did fine here at home. Fielded "unsolicited" sales calls on the new business number... You know, all the unfun stuff.

BTW, the APC work fine at the office. The "site wiring fault" light is off. So I can assume my whole house is screwed up. :-(

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I believe I understand the "UPC/SurgeProtector" course 101. As usual, the profs at BT's are the best.

Thanx all! ( no tests, please)

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