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just got an up date from the avast team

they have now acheived seventy five million users

here is a link to an offer for any one wanting the pro version

more than likely all users will get this up date

but to me it is the best and ive used it since the techtv days

since early 2.000

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That's great that they have 75 million users now but I think I'm good with the free version. It does it's job just fine. It has served me well since I switched from AVG. I was a loyal AVG user until it pulled a Norton on everybody and got bloated. When your software slows down a system with a 3GHz dual core 64-bit CPU and 4GB of RAM that much, you have screwed up. Avast is much more lightweight and has worked great in helping clean up the computers I work on for people (along with MBAM too).

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i have used avast since the early techtv days

when pete posted it on call for help

and as i set to high

and ive had one virus


which was my fault

as i went on line and searched for avast and got a bogus site

posing as major geeks

those days i was green as grass

but ive learned from that day on

and i havent had a virus since

many of us who

posted at tech c.f.h

swear by it

and i got that notice because ive been a long time user

as well ive installed it on many compts

for friends

personally it is the best

and better still it is FREE


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