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why mac book hard disk gets easily in trouble ?? is this true?

mine just hang up. when i restarted it doesn't work anymore with only white light on the screen.


i need to know how it happened and how to avoid this. Because buying a new hard disk is expensive for me. thanks.

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If the hard drive is at fault call apple support if it's still under warrantee.

Try this start your mac and hold down the command and S keys. This will start you in single user mode and you will see a unix-like terminal window. When the words stop scrolling type fsck -y. This will run some system checks and try to repair problems.

You can also startup from the system install DVD and choose the Disk Utility to do repair to the hard drive.

Also there is hardware test utilities on the install DVD to find out if it is in fact a hardware problem.

I can help with any of the above test but will need to know what version of os x your running.

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