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Please Help! I Have Tooooo Many Virsuses!

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First of if this is not the correct plase forgive me....

I can only stay on IE about 2 -3 minutes per time and it crashes. I have the following installed:

~ Spybot search and destroy (up to date)

~ Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (although cannot connect for any updates as IE keeps saying "blank"

~ Mcafee Virusscan (up to date)

Over and over it says I am being hit with viruses and of cours, right now when I want to see the "name" the message will not appear.

I am getting pop up's galore :angry2:

I try googling a website and it takes me to some unknown place....

Its like I have no control over my computer.

My hard drives (c & D) are now blue in color when I look at them in "my computer" and if I try to click one of them, I get the "blue screen of death"

A couple of days ago I was reading through post here and managed to download "highjack this" but have not been able to get back to see what I was suppose to do with it. :blush:

Is there ANYONE who can help?

Just as I am signing off, another different box popped up saying "antivirus 2009 is unprotected!" this is something entirely new!


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