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Parental Controls

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We are looking for some applications we can recommend to our customers with kids. I know Vista has something, but I'm not sure how effective it is.

I do understand they can be broken by a savvy user, but anything can be of use to some parents...

So if anyone out there has some personal experience, let me know...

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Nobody yet?

When we got our first idiotbox I enabled Parental Control on Windows98 and it worked GREAT! (heh-heh, even when Hubby tried some late night surfing....;) ) Trick was to remember that password as once in a while it blocked a harmless site. Assuming Parental Control is even better on XP and Vista??

Also when we got our first idiotbox a Geek told Aron "experiment, mess around, you can't hurt it". He told ARON this! Of course, a week later that Geek spent 1 1/2 hours undoing what Aron did....(I TOLD him HE was gonna be responsible for cleaning up the mess!) and Aron's "experimenting days" were OVER! Mom isn't a Geek but Mom bought the computer. Trump.

So when XP's System Restore was invented, it was a "miracle program"-only needed it once, but just having it there was a comfort!

I love Spywareblaster for blocking cooties and have heard good things about Net Nanny? Something like that, has the word "Nanny" in it. Don't know if that is a spy program or a protector, but you'll know :thumbsup:


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Thanx, Liz. We were just looking for a few that our customers could look at. I don't worry about my BIG kid in the house, he reload his machine whenever he needs to.

He knows better than to touch mine ;-)

I'll just google up a few to add to our website.

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