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Error Loading Https Websites

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Howdy !

Friends of mine have a problem that came up all of a sudden after many months of no problems... possibly due to recent ¿Windows updates?... (their humble thoughts, not mine)... dunno.

The problem they are having is HTTPS websites not loading... including Yahoo Mail... (loading HTTP sites work fine).

Error message: "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage."

They use Windows XP on a Satellite connection

The sites they try to access work on my humble machine both in Opera and Explorer 7 (they use Explorer 7 exclusively).

I deleted their cache with no joy and even disabled their Firewall (Windows Firewall... with no other firewalls on the system) with no change.

A fleeting error, only reproduced a couple of times, said there might be a firewall problem... but again, the problem exists even with the firewall disabled. I changed the firewall to default condition also, with no help.

I did look at SSL and TLS in Tools/Internet Options/Advanced but they were already checked the same as my system is.

Any other avenues I might try ?

Thanx !

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You can try resetting "Internet Explorer Options" to default.

Open "Tools" on IE`s toolbar. Then click on "Internet Options" > then click on the "Advanced" tab. And then click on "Reset" in "Reset Internet Explorer Settings"

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