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Best Security Software (free)

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1. Avast (AVG got way too bloated) <---Virus Scanner

2. Malwarebytes <---- Best Malware scanner

3. ComboFix <--- Best automated remover and scanner (very powerful, only used if your trained)

4. HiJack This! <---Essential for finding malware (after MB scan)

5. CWS <--- I've been finding CWS in most of the adware infected machines I've found, this one is a good tool to have.

6. Norton + McAfee Removal Tools <---Bloated for Norton, uneffective for McAfee.

7. ATF Cleaner, makes scanning faster by deleting temp files. Make sure not to check your prefetch files, deleting them isn't necessary and usually only slows down your computer for a bit.

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After years of running this or running that, Ive figured out the BEST anit-malware (for me) is none at all. Ive been doin this for a long bit now, with no infections. No crap running the the background, no constant updates, no scanning, no slow downs at all. The best anti-malware is the computer user.

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Haha I concede that argument Bubba.

I meant these are just tools I use on other user's machines to remove the crap they get stuck on their machines. Since I do that for a living (I'm in college now and that earns the spare cash).

However on my personal machine the only program I have installed is MBAM. As a just in case deal.

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Since I do that for a living

In that case. Surfing habits dont matter. Get a cheap AV Suite and look at all the porn you want....

Tryin to drum some business up for ya :D:thumbsup:

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