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At&t Cell Phone Picture Messaging Error

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Whenever I try to send a picture to anyone, even HP Snapfish I get this error. I also get it when others send me a picture and I try to retrieve it. Google couldn't help me, any ideas?

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Hello Everyone:

I know that in addition to having a messaging error, for the reasons as is stated in the linked information, that you can also get this error if you asked your carrier (AT&T Wireless) to BLOCK things like Cellular Video, ATT Mall, Music, etc. I have asked them to block all access to the internet, EXCEPT messaging, because of the fact that you can be charged for just connecting to the internet and SITTING there, doing NOTHING - just sitting in a browser can cost .01/kb - I had a bill one month for like 13.00 for errant activations of the phone's browser, so I blocked it, but this also means I can't send pics to subscribers, but I don't really use this feature.

Good Luck!!


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