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I wonder if anyone can help or advise please, my question should be relatively simple, as a matter of fact I'm actually quite embarrased that I don't know the answer myself.

I have bought my 9 1/2 year old daughter a pc running xp pro for christmas, I have put it on to the home network. Unfortunately it will need to go into her room allowing unsupervised internet access, obviously i am using a white list for allowed sites and have installed a key logger. But what i would really like is to be able to set the laptop in the kitchen (running Vista) to be able to watch her screen in a similar way to remote assistance that way we can monitor her as though she was in the same room which would obviously be my preferred choice.

any help appreciated

Many thanks


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You could install VNC, this would work perfect for your situation.

You would install the vnc server on her computer, then install the client on your computer.

I am not sure Windows Remote Desktop will work. I don't think(am not sure) it will allow both of you to be logged on at the same time.

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Welcome to Besttechies, Kevin! And what a lucky Daughter you have, she is gonna be so thrilled.

Just adding a little extra, because I have a Daughter too. Girls tend not to look up "unscrupulous sites" (like boys do, yup, have one of them, too) but girls tend to click on anything. Educate her about the AIM, Myspace and Facebook Cooties (the one that says, "hey, is this you? click here"), install Spywareblaster, have a good firewall and AV.

And remember the Parent Mantra, "she'll be fine!" :thumbsup:


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