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Don't Want To Break Anything.....

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I have recently acquired a new laptop computer that I use for work. I travel a lot, I'm a salesman, and

I would be using this computer 8 to 10 per day while on the road. The battery is more than enough

to do this without running it down so charging is not a problem, but I do have one question.

Will it hurt anything if I just put it into "sleep" mode (just close the cover) rather than shutting it down and

then completely rebooting when I want to use it again? I'm concerned with the HD, I guess.

It only takes like 5 seconds to come back from sleep mode but it takes a couple of minutes

to come up from a whole reboot. The computer is kept in a soft case in the front of the car with me when

not being used.

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I agree.

Sleep mode is fine for day to day use.

But when I have the time, I like to do a full reboot. (And I only mean once or twice a week).

This lets programs fully integrate their updates, purges some temporary files, and (usually) will improve performance (no guarantee).

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Thanks fellas.............that's good to know.


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