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Unibody' Macbook Users Report Lockups With Third-party Ram

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Unibody' MacBook users report lockups with third-party RAM

One user says an Apple engineer told him an update is coming

"December 8, 2008 (Computerworld)

Some users of new MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops are reporting that their machines become unstable or lock up after they add third-party memory, according to messages posted on Apple Inc.'s support forum.

Users of Apple's newest laptops -- the aluminum-cased models that the company debuted in October -- claim that upgrading with RAM from reputable suppliers leaves their laptops prone to crashes and lockups.

"Mine freezes after about 7 hours, never less," said a user identified as "Mmike70" in a message posted to the longest thread on Apple's MacBook support forum that discusses the problem. "It's crashed under all conditions, under load or no load, AC or battery."

Like many others who posted to the same thread, Mmike70 said he had ordered more RAM from Other World Computing, an online retailer that specializes in Mac products.

"I have upgraded my new MacBook with the OWC 4GB package," said "JDTech12308" on the thread. "Since [then] I have experienced a total system freeze about 6 times. I am thinking about putting the original RAM back in."

full story here:;intsrc=kc_top


WinMagic Launches SecureDoc Full-Disk Encryption For Mac

SecureDoc for Mac extends encryption to Mac desktops and laptops, supporting mixed environments, hardware encryption and removable media

Dec 09, 2008 | 08:26 AM

By WinMagic


Mississauga, Ontario - December 09, 2008 - WinMagic today announced the official launch of SecureDoc for Mac. The solution makes it easier than ever to deploy enterprise-class full-disk encryption throughout an organization to protect all data stored on Mac systems running Mac OS X - 'Tiger' and 'Leopard' versions. SecureDoc for Mac provides transparent, 'always-on' full-disk encryption to users with Mac desktops & laptops. SecureDoc for Mac also supports removable media encryption as well as hardware-based encryption.

"Comprehensive data security requires protection across many types of endpoints and many platforms," said Thi Nguyen-Huu, CEO of WinMagic Inc. "We recognized that the Mac OS is a significant and growing part of our customers' IT environments and so we developed SecureDoc for Mac. With SecureDoc, prudent organizations can avoid the risk of damaging data breaches from their Mac systems."

SecureDoc is simple and reliable to deploy, is fully scalable and has had consistent success in government agencies and commercial enterprises of every type worldwide. Users benefit from SecureDoc's seamless operation and solid support features. Administrators reap the benefits of powerful centralized management across multiple operating systems and endpoints, leading to superior control and a lower total cost of ownership for the solution."

Full story here:

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