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Ntfs Config

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I installed ntfs config to mount my ntfs drive automaticaly, It does that but mounts in the wrong place" /Windows /media" I wanted it to just mount so I have access to all of the drive. So I tried to un mount it and it says I cannot says I am not privileged to, and in details says: unmount: only root can unmount /dev/sda1 from media/windows. I apparently set up the wrong mount point when configuring ntfs config.

So I eaither need help to fix the mount point or get it so I can unmount it.

I am still learning this so baby steps with me :-)

I was able to change my fstab file and got the drive back to what it was but still would like to use ntfs config to set it to automaticaly mount it or someone talk me thru again how to do it thru the terminal.

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I am guessing this is ubuntu?

NTFS is picky in the way it is unmounted and can be made not to boot windows again if its done wrong (Vista is less forgiving than XP) .

also NTFS contians a database that lays out where the files are.. when NTFS is mounted this is what is shown (on mine I see it twice, once raw and once as a folder view)

so you need to unmount at the device level

something like sudo umount /dev/sda1 or what ever it is

do a df -m and post it so we might be able to give better instructions.

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