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C Language

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hi guys..i needed a help in writing the c code..i am not that good in c but trying to learn it..i was stuck with the following problems among many of them..i would be glad if i could get a c code for the questions below..pls write d code in c and not c++ as i am trying to learn c and not c++..hehe..

thanks guys..

ques 1- write a program to check whether one string is a sub string of another string.

quest 2- the librarian in a library wants an application that will calculate the due date for a book given the issue date. the no. of days in which the book is due can be decided by the librarian at the time of issuing a book(for example- if book is issued on 14-01 and d no of days that a book can be kept issued is 15,then the program should display output at 29-01).

quest 3- write a program to find the nearest smaller prime numbr for a given integer; use a function to decide whether a number is prime or not.

quest 4- given three numbers, determine whether they can make a triangle or not.write a program for the same

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sorry we don' do people homework,

this is all very basic, and what ever book you are reading from (or class) should cover these basics..

but incase you have more questions?


also if you are having problems, submit your code and we can point to where you may be going wrong

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