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No Sounds

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ive had this computer for like six months. its a gateway 2000 and it has windows 98 on it. i had formatted the hard drive in like March of 04, but after i did it, there was no sound. Ive tried different speakers, so i know it's not them. Then i tried going to add hardware, and it detected hardware, but it gives me an error, saying something's screwed up with the driver. thwn it told me to insert the Win98 cd-ropm to reinstall it , so i did that and it had nothing for what i was looking for. any suggestions?


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I recently had the same issue with my Dell. Here is what I did to fix it, after many attempts:

Note: Only do the following if you are using Windows XP I'm not sure if it will work in previous versions of Windows.

  • Right click on 'My Computer'.
  • Click the 'Advanced' tab.
  • Go down and click 'Device Manager'.
  • Open up the 'Sound' field.
  • Right click on your sound card and hit 'uninstall'.
  • It will ask you are you sure. Hit 'ok' or 'yes'.
  • Restart your computer and it will reinstall the soundcard.

Hope that helps.


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Hey thanks everyone. I downloaded a new driver, and that did the job. it scared the poo outta me, because i didnt know it was working, and this thing came up with a sound, and i was likeAHHHH!!

p-ta :blink:

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