Word Association Thread Part Vi

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... Strawberry Alarm Clock

(I thought of The Beatles first, but they're really a 'SUPER group')

FAR OUT, MAN!!! That's.... like.... really heavy! I was just playing their song in my VW bus on the 8 track when all of a sudden the tape got eaten!

It was playing reeeeally slooooow. And I was seeing all these colors! And then it started playing backwards......and it said Paul was dead......and then my dog started to play the harmonica............. :D

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

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... Pigeon Point.............. visited the lighthouse as a scout in the '60's... man! do I miss the (left) coast.

Point Reyes

I visted Point Reyes Lighthouse when I was in Sonoma County. It is one one the highlights of my life.

Back to the game:


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GrandParents - They have experience with things that we sometimes don't, and you can learn lots from them.


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