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Word Association Thread Part Vi

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:) HA........... Thanks for the correction (should'a googled). Back to the game...

... cry.............. As in "Don't cry for me Argentina" from 'Evita'

Cry baby Janis Joplin .....I never considered her as a singer, more of a screamer, however she definately left her mark on the scene at the time.

Another thought: Argentina to Venezuela. A to V. .....V being on the nothern tip of the continent while A is at the southern tip.

I'm just rambling here. Stay with me.

There's this absolutely incredible conductor/ musician/ teacher/ activist in Venezuela that I've been following lately. His name is Guztavo Dudamel

He's been on 60 minutes here in the states, along with a slew of other programs and newspaper coverage. Also had a few specials on PBS.

In case you missed it, the beauty of this guy is that he, along with the gov't of Venezuela, has created a youth orchestra system that is second to none.

These kids come out of the ghettos of Caracas that would make the worst hellhole slums in America look like a resort.

They are nurtured in a system run by a lot of volunteers that see a way to make a difference in the future.

Their success has led to an influx of funds that is used for the purchase of instruments, and support that tries to assure the success of the kids, not only in the level of musicianship, but also in life.

The youth orchestra is now in demand all over the world, playing sold out concerts at Carnegie Hall, Paris, Covent Garden (London), Spain, Germany, etc.

AND THEY ARE GOOD!!!!! Damn good.

I usually do not use this forum as a soapbox. But it is SO nice to see something that is actually making a difference in this world. Let's face it. It doesn't happen that much anymore.

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... groove

groove sounds a lot better than rut :thumbsup:

but it's still a:


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