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Duel Monitor For Vista

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I am Having problems putting my second monitor On. I have updated my graphic card and for some reason when i click on " extend Desktop on to this monitor " my main screen Flashes then it asks if i want to save settings i click "yes" then it unchecks the box and doesnt do anything to my second monitor .. Can someone please help me out?

THanks in Advance

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need more information

video card type and the what are the two monitors..

I have seen this happen when the resolution chosen for the second monitor is incorrect.

choose a low resolution for the second monitor then try again.. then if that works, increase it by one setting until it stops working. then you will know the max resolution that both the monitor and video card will do together.

just because a video card can put out a resolution and the monitor can accept the resolution, it does not mean in dual monitor mode the card can put out a signal the monitor will like at that resolution.

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