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ho all is there any way to delete the entrys in the search

all files and folders

other than go to the mrus in the registry

ive hunted all over xp for a solution

in the past ive deleted them from the reg

and i used to use an appli called mru blaster

but it can be done with out that

extra application

i saw it once on techtv

chris perrilo demonstrated it

any ideas


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I know this is a program to download & install but it has many tweaks that I use including that one.

Tweak UI for XP(147 KB file)


TweakUI for Windows XP - Tips


TWEAKUI for tweaking the Windows user interface


Features in Tweak UI. This is based on version for Windows XP

(SP1 and higher) and Windows Server 2003.


Tweak UI Tips & Tricks


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power toys

thats it

thanks flat iron

techtv used to have powertoy


and i saw this tip on the program

thanks again much appreciated


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