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What Operating System are you using and how much memory does your computer have? In fact we are still waiting for your reply to your other threads.

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After every 15 minutes my computer stops working and say computer memory is full , and after 1 minute it starts reworking without any problem, and then again after 15 minutes ...


After seeing all the posts you have on here, I would just go out and buy a new PC. Looks like the one you have isn't doing anything right for you. OR, just stop messing with it.

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You would be best to run Memtest on your installed Ram

  • Download Memtest
  • Burn to CD
  • Confirm your bios is set to start with CD
  • Boot from the newly created bootable Memtest CD
  • Run for a minimum of 7 Passes

This error may be to do with your Virtual Memory as well

Virtual Memory= Ram + PageFile

As I do not know your Oprating System or amount of installed Ram, I do not want to provide both XP and Vistas steps in getting to the PageFile settings area.

If you could reply back with these details

1. Full Computer Specs

2. Windows version

This will enable me to help you further.

I would just go out and buy a new PC

I believe this may be a little extreme on 14 Posts in total

But I am concerned that you have not cared to reply back on other posts, even to say that all is now ok

If you do not require any more assistance to this or any other thread, please kindly reply back that it is resolved.

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