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Downloading And Burning Vista To Dvd

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Vista is available for download from Windows Marketplace. You can buy and download the files, then burn them to a DVD.

Here is how to go about making your DVD.

You will have three files to download for Vista

1. boot.wim (116.31 MB)

2. install.wim (2.25 GB)

3. X13-49120.exe (73.76 MB)

These will take some time to download. So find a good show on TV and enjoy yourself for a time.

1. Place all 3 files (boot.wim, install.wim and X13-49120.exe) in your C:\ drive.

2. Run X13-49120.exe and it will extract files to Vista folder(automatically created).

3. Download CDImage and place cdimage.exe in your C:\ drive

4. (Go to Start -> Run -> type CMD and click OK to open Command Prompt

5. When the Command Prompt appears type “cd \†without the quotes to change to C drive.

" C:\Users\user name\> cd \ " then click enter. Then you should see the command Prompt C:\>

6. Type the command “cdimage -m -u2 -bC:\Vista\boot\ C:\Vista C:\Vistax86.iso†and you will see that it’s creating Windows Vista iso image.

7. Once it shows 100%, you can use the free ImgBurn to burn the newly created Vistax86.iso to DVD.

But before you burn the Vistax86.iso to DVD using ImgBurn, it is advisable to make sure that “Verify†is checked and select the slowest write speed to burn. This is to ensure that you have a good Windows Vista DVD and won’t get stuck in the middle of Windows Vista installation.

Good Luck and enjoy your new Vista installation.

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