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System Restart

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Sounds like a driver problem. Did you just install any new Devices? Try going into Safe Mode and then into Device Manager and look and see if there is any Devices that have a Yellow or Red ! next to them. If there is Remove it and restart.

Could also be a heat problem. Have you cleaned out the case lately with a can of AIR? Unplug the Case and open one side up and clean it real god. Blow out the CPU and Heat Sink, Memory all fans and do a general cleaning. See if that helps.

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My system restart when i start the system , please help me for this problem

First thing to do is on startup when you hear the beep , start tapping F8 once per second until you get an expanded options menu.

From that the bottom entry (or near there) should be "Disable restart on system failure"

Click this.

Now choose to boot to windows normally and you should get a blue screen of death with a stop error you can post here for advice on what to fix.

The second thing to do is again boot to that menu with F8 and choose "last known good" from the list . See if that lets you get booted to windows.

If not , choose safe mode, then in safe mode go to start/ programs/ accessories/ system tools /system restore

choose to restore to a previous state and choose the most recent date just before the problem started.

Did you update anything like your antivirus just before this started? If so , if you can boot to safe mode we can tell you how to disable it or you can uninstall it . I have seen many cases where an update to AVG gets corrupted and causes this problem.

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