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Looking For A Good Cd/dvd Buring Utility

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I'm trying to find a new CD/DVD burning utility for my new PC. It's still using the same ole Office Max bought Lite-On DVD burner as my old one. All I have is the Nero 6 that came with it and my laptop has some kind of Roxio on it that I was thoroughly unimpressed with. The Nero is more or less OK, but if I update it, it seems to give bad burns particularly with audio CD's and video DVD's and it once produced what me and my friend dubbed the "Demon Spawn DVD"*. But un-updated, it seems to work more or less fine. Still. (Note that this was on my old PC, I haven't burned anything on the new PC yet but it is the same burner).

So I was just wondering what ya'll thought was good in both free and paid utilities. I found something called CDBurnerXP that is free but I've never heard of it (it's got a 4.65 out of 5 on MajorGeeks). Any thoughts on it? Also I need something right now that is XP compatible (not that hard) but this system is getting Vista Home Premium 64-bit soon so I'd like it if there was a really good one compatible in 32-bit XP, 32-bit Vista (for the lappy since I don't like Roxio so far), and 64-bit Vista.

Thank you!

* It was just a Data DVD with some fansubs and video players/codecs on it but it caused such strange problems on her laptop while working fine on mine. The "problem" was traced to the DVD drive in her laptop cause I put mine in her laptop, no probs. Hers in my laptop = prob. Called Dell, replaced the drive, same prob (cyclic redundancy error). Burned new disc, no problem at all on any computer. Go figure.

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Oh, cool. Thanks! I tried CDBurnerXP but when it starts it only asks if I wanna burn a DataCD/DVD or an Audio CD. I never saw a video DVD option. Maybe one of the others has it. If they don't I may have to resort to Nero for video DVD's (I don't burn them that often anyway, takes forever).

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