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The governer of Alaska came down to visit Texas.

While talking to Texas governer Perry he questioned.

"I've heard a lot of talk about Texas. Just what is so great about Texas"?

Governer Perry said, "well we got the gulf of Mexico. we got the Red River,

in the west we have great pararies, in the east we have forest land, in the south we have the hill country."

"All over the state we have great industries and plenty of oil".

The governer of Alaska, not to be outdone replied.

"Well in Alaska we've got enough gold to build a fence around Texas."

Governer Perry looked him straight in the eye and said.

"You build that fence......we'll buy it."

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Takes on another meaning, what with a fence actually being built (at least, along the Southern border). :lol:

Hey man California belongs to the mexican people.In a few years it will be.Mexican Americans are the largest group of people in California. You will be welcome. Jose :matrix:

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