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hello all, NOTE this is not to be taken as an advertisement..

so with that out of the way, after a painful sharepoint install and learning curve, I will never understand why you have to find the hidden pages to allow anonymous access, as allowing it on the main page does nothing, have been searching for a good product for Linux to do the same job.

after trying a few I started to look at OpenXchange. I know its history and had played with it as an exchange replacement, but at the time it was hardly more than that.

now I started looking at it as a solution to what we (my new company I am starting) may offer as our base install.

I used the demo version and was impressed, but then started looking at the community edition. the major differences is there is no easy way to update, for now, and the community edition does not have the outlook plugin, but I do not need that.

for those interested here is a simple install script

and this link shows how to fix the issue where the admin console is broken in CVS..

I have been using it for a week now, and I hardly notice that it is a web app. but I'll let other weigh there opinion.

for our customers we are going to use the Paid version so they have easy updates, but the Free version is good for our personal company use and to tech our IT staff how it operates.

the only thing that the script does not configure is ssl but I just configured that using a debian how-to..

on the OpenXchange site is a live version you can try with out installing.. but its not quite good enough for me.. I have to play with it on my own server.

also I am switching my hosting to slicehost.. for those who do not know, they offer a xen environment where you can have a full linux server to do what you need, not just a chroot or the like.

if anyone has other ideals I would like to hear them..

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