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Has anyone used it? I used "Mozilla suite" for years(and loved it) but my hubby talked me into FF and TB when we reinstalled XP on my machine.

We also need to know how to transfer e-mail files and address book from Outlook Express. His dad needs a more secure e-mail client and isn't sure about TWO, as in FF and TB.

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Yeah I've used Seamonkey prolly close to 2yrs now..

Went to it when discontinuing Mozilla1.7 was still just a rumour. I won;t use anything else now.

The one big downside to it is since it's a full suite the initial loading/startup is a little slower than FF. After initial load it run great.

It has an import wizard so you can import both your contacts and Emails. Give 'er a shot...not much to lose in trying it out.

I'm glad I did

It also has the option to use Enigmamail through/with the Email client for Encryption/Email signing.

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