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Bubba Bob

Vista Over Xp?

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Alright Guys, now that Ive got a spare copy of Vista Ultimate, the question is, do I sell it or use it? To be honest, ive used Vista and wasn't impressed AT ALL! Just seemed like a slow, clunky XP with a horribly designed Start Menu.

What are the PROs of Vista over XP?

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Right now... Security I think.

I've been lucky... I haven't had any problems with Vista. And..... Well... I guess maybe it's how some people configure theirs. I do some tweaking to the system.... Make sure I have all the right drivers for my hardware...

Hell I'm still running my old NVIDIA GeForce 6600. (it does have a 512 cache). And having found the right drivers for it. It runs like a charm. I can run full AERO desktop with all the goodies running. Have a couple of sidebar gadgets running. None of my graphic programs have even showed any hesitation. I can still run some of my real graphic intense screen savers and they run fine.

The way I have things set up on mine. I do believe it runs smoother and quicker then XP. Side by side I would go with Vista in performance and stability.

Funny... But by the time Windows "7" roles out. And after most people are by now using Vista. Most will complain about "7" and how they will never give up Vista.

I seen it with XP.... When XP first hit the market. People were saying the same things. There were hardly any hardware drivers out for it, so allot of things never worked right. You had to up your RAM from 128 or 256 up to 512 (or for those who wanted to, a Gig of ram). just to run XP... O MY GOD!!! You would have thought XP was going to be the end of Microsoft. Their worst product yet.

(There are those who still have not switched to XP)

Yes I know allot of people are having problems with Vista. I just wish I could pull up all the old post from TechTV from just before XP came out. And let allot of the same people who posted there, compare those postings to what their saying now. Same complaints, different product.

But that's my experience.

Others have had bad luck with Vista. For different reasons. If you have the right hardware and spend a little time tracking down the best drivers. (I said best, sometimes the latest and greatest might not work as well). Take your time, and treat it like a lady. You will have a good experience with Vista. But if you prefer XP.... You can sell it now. Or wait until your sure.

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shortly ile will have a compt with vista

and ime going to need a hell of a lot of help

yes JS you are right

the xp knockers were at techtv

by the dozens

i remember when i posted in and said i had installed xp on a

5.8hdd and 128megs of ram

and a 4 meg video card

the amount of people who rubished me

and said i was silly to use inadequate resources

now i realised theyu were right BUT

XP WORKED on that sys and i used it for 2-3 years


i couldne afford any thing else

and importantly i was ignorant of how compt worked

but on that sys xp worked

i posted to techtv for seveal years on that sys

most of the knockers were the linux .mozilla users

many a row started because

firefox users were

saying it was the best browser in the world

and it used to start a flaming war

so wish me luck with vista

ime going to be lost

as i will have to start all over again learning

i practically know xp from back to front

only because ive used nothing else

and the techtv chanel used to give us

xp lessons on screen

which i put on cd"s

and printer

i have all this stuff that isnt going to be any use to me

and ime reluctant to change

but change ile have to

the compt is a top of the line dell

and my worry is i heard vista is preinstalled

and all you get is a recovery disk

so ime lost already

i agree with js

in my country many were rubishing vista

before they tried

so my task is learn how to rubbish vista

this is a learning curve for me

and ime goig to need your help

thanks for this thread


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I have Vista on my laptop and haven't had any real problems with it. I've had no compatibility issues with printers and such.

I have XP on my desktop and like it very much. I guess its because I'm familiar with it.

Microsoft isn't going to give up on Vista anytime soon. They spent too much money and time on it to just throw it out.

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I just switched back to XP because the programs I use on a daily (Photoshop CS2 and Expression Web) bases make Vista VERY slow.

It depends on what you will be doing and your specs

If you have 2GB+ of RAM go for vista. 1GB of RAM isnt enough for me. Memory always goes to 100% and CPU stays at like 20%

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Yes... That is one thing with Vista. You do need to have the 2Gig of memory to run good.

You can also run ReadyBoost to help with performance.

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This is a question a lot of people ask. To be honest, It comes down what you want. I am currently running XP with 2GBs of DDR ram and a 8600GTS graphics card. Some could say I can run Microsoft Windows Vista with no problem at all. That being sad, I have tested and ran Windows Vista, and it was nothing but problems and pain. I had problems with incompatible drivers and problems with programs that would made for Microsoft Windows XP. I've gone back and forth between the two operating system in the past year and so. I have finally made the all out switch to Microsoft Windows XP.

My friends on the other hand have not had any issues with Windows Vista. Maybe it's the fact that they are running Vista on a custom built pc with 4GBs or ram and the best hardware specs. It seems to me that vista only works on a computer that is either new or if you tweak it just right for it to work. I have tweaked my vista machine to the best that I can. Yet it it still would blue screen on me. Hell I even ran Windows Vista in classic mode with no gadgets or sidebar or anything, It still blue screened on me. Even with all the full visual effects turned off it did that. Ever since then I've gone back to Windows XP. That being said Vista does have some nice features that I really liked, Readyboost which is a feature that allows you to use more memory and help speed up your computer. That feature however did not work for me, figures. Vista is also slower starting up then XP. Flip 3D is a real bad feature and I don't know what Microsoft's target was towards that. Flip 3D is pretty useless to me. All Vista really is just a bunch of eyecandy and fun feature and a not so stable Operating System.

When Service Pack 1 is released for Microsoft Windows Vista I still think that that will not fix it at all. I personally think It's going to take a lot to get Vista please able for the regular consumer to use. I see so many people asking on forums like these or other forums sites that they need help with Vista. The regular consumer doesn't know how to troubleshoot a computer when something goes wrong.

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Hi .. I like how others refer to XP as to how it was when it first came out , BS ! . Ask yourself this ? How many companies are using XP and how long did it take to go with XP when it first came out ? Now ask yourself why aren't businesses by now using Vista ? Reason because it ain't nothing at all special with it but just to feed the greedy stockholders who complain that they aren't getting more money from Microsoft .

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If you don't have the hardware to support the OS then stay with XP. If you meet the recommended (NOT the minimum) then Vista will be good for you. I run Vista on my laptop and haven't had any problems whatsoever. I did wait until I could get 2gb RAM because anything less just won't work.

Businesses will not switch over to Vista for quite awhile. Why? If it ain't broken, don't fix it. That is why. There really isn't any real reason to switch over to Vista, yet. Once Server 2008 gets implemented then a reasonable expectation to upgrade will be present. Until then, XP will reign over Vista.

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Allot of Company's did not switch to XP for a good two or three years.

Companies don't want to spend the money on anything they don't have to. So you can't really use companies as a good example.

I remember the day's before even Windows 3.1 and 3.11. (those were the days). The switch to Win 95 was welcome. But the same thing happened when Win 98 came out. And it will continue into the next 1000 years. If nobody complained. What would be the use of change.

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Since vista has been out, I have sold 5 new dual core systems with XP. After service pack one, I may start recommending Vista.

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Well I have had vista for 6 months now on my laptop, and I have xp on my desktop pc at home...I've never had problems with my vista until now. I think the security is great in vista. The windows defender works really well, it is already inbuilt. The only problems I have had is when I want to install some specific programs, I can't because they are still not compatible with vista...

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