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Vista - Xp Disk De-fragmenting

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In a different post I suggested using AusLogics Disk Fragmenting tool.

AusLogics is a good fragmenting tool. Don't get me wrong. And it does it job real good.

But I have discovered two things. So I need to add to things.

I have noticed Vista slowly taking longer to boot. So I decided to dig into things closer. Not finding anything out of the ordinary I decided to run the different disk Defragmenting tools. And I did find some interesting things.

Unlike AusLogics. The build in Windows Disk Defragmenting compacts the data (moves data to the faster part of the disk) and utilizing the Prefetch/SurerFetch data, moves the appropriate date to the very fastest part of the disk.

Also every three days the Windows Disk Fragmenting tool fragments the “layout.ini†file. Which is a consolidating of all the files in your prefetch folder. And sets the parameters for Prefetching boot priorities. And Re-arranging the data in the layout.ini folder. Thus moving data to the best possible place on the disk platter for the fastest execution times.

so even tho AusLogics is a good program. I now suggest using the Windows Disk Fragmenting tools and set them to run at a time that it is convenient. It really has made a difference in the way Vista boots and executes programs.

Just want to set thing to the best possible ways I find. :blush:

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