Best ! Free, Pc Utilities

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I apologize for not providing links and for any repeats.

Spybot Search and Destroy


A squared

Ad-Aware SE






Zone Alarm

any utility that can recover deleted files

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Belarc Advisor v6.1f builds a detailed profile of your installed software and hardware

Dogwaffle v1.2 graphics software

Audacity v1.2 audio editing software

Clipomatic 2.01 clipboard cache program

dBpowerAMP Audio Player (dAP)

DeepBurner v1.1.0.117 CD/DVD burning software

Eraser v5.7 allows you to completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times with carefully selected patterns

Iconoid a small program that helps reduce the clutter and confusion of the Windows desktop

IrfanView v3.91 easy to use image editor

MaxCrypt Automated encryption and decryption

POW popup blocker

SpywareBlaster v3.2 prevents spyware from ever being installed

SpywareGuard 2.2 a real-time protection solution against spyware that is a great addition

to SpywareBlaster's protection method.

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Here is a list of some online scans that are FREE:

aumha.org ____ Internet Explorer (IE) parasite scan

BitDefender ___ virus scanner

Browser Security Test ___browser security test

windowsecurity.com ___trojan scanner

ComputerCops ___several scans under "Tool Kit', on the left, about halfway down the page

PandaSoftware ___virus scanner

PestPatrol ___spyware scanner (top right corner)

kephyr.com ___PopUp Killer Test

RAV ___virus scanner

Sygate ___several scans on left

SpywareGuide ___spyware scanner

HouseCall ___ virus scanner

SpywareInfo ___spyware scanner (on the left)

Symantec.com ___ virus & security scanners

McAfee ___ virus & security scanners

Jotti's malware scan 2.33 ___submit files to be scanned by multiple scanners

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well, here it goes.

Avast AV

A squared

Belarc Advisor

CodeStuff starter





Pixia (graphics editor)





Weather Pulse




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Hey, cows!

Glad to see you decided to check it out. A lot of good and knowledgeable people over here. I recognise a few names from the old Call For Help forums. You should find your stay here quite enjoyable.

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Yea, I've been waiting for B to get his board up. Before

the old Call For Help boards shut down, he said he was

working on getting his own boards going. At G4 boards

bozodog2 posted that B had his up and running, so I headed

over and signed up.

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