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Review - Vista Sp1

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Well now to SP1 for Vista.

SP1 will be available through Microsoft Windows Update this spring.

Windows Update automatic updates would normally automatically update your machine each night for several days with the prerequisites and then offer the Service Pack.

It will be done in four steps.

Prier to the SP1 download, everyone will get three required updates to prepare for SP1.

you will have to install all pending “Important†updates and reboot. You may have to do this several times to get fully up to date.

The first update will be KB935509, This is the first pre-requisite install and will require a reboot.

The second update will be KB937287 which will not need to be rebooted.

The third KB938371 will also require a system reboot.

Now everything will be ready for Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (KB936330).

Downloading SP1 takes around 30 minutes to fully download (high speed cable).

From starting the SP1 install to reboot and finally the desktop takes about an hour and a half. (half an hour just for the reboot itself. (The configuring update before reboot, and the configuring update after rebooting)).

Everything went extremely smooth.

At first I started to wonder. The normal cold start or a reboot seemed to take some time. I thought at first things were going backward with Vista. But after about 5 reboots total, things took a big turn.

Starting my system from a cold start, the time was cut in half. And for rebooting the system, everything is back before I can get a cup of coffee. (or a beer if it's getting late...LOL) It is now twice as fast as XP would ever boot for me.

The desktop doesn't seem any different for looks. But program response and execution times have greatly improved. Along with over all performance. I have noticed the system uses more Ram then before. But anyone with a Gig and a half or more needn't be worried. (I run one and a half myself).

Allot of SP1s features are in greater security and program compatibility for third party software. Also hosting many new drivers for hardware.

SP1 has many Vista Hot fixes that have been out. But never really offered through Windows Update. (I get the KBs and descriptions from my TechNet and MSDN subscriptions, so I have tried many of the hot fixes).

I think everyone will be pleased by what SP1 offers, and in the increased performance overall. Adding increased security second. (I know everyone wants the speed....LOL).


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oh awesome. My Vista Home Basic on my laptop takes ungodly long to start from a cold start (which is why I always put it in standby instead). It's got 1.5GB of RAM so I guess I'll be ready.

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Installing Vista SP1

Ok here is what you need to do.

1. Clean out your temp files in the temp folder.

2. Clean out your temporary internet files and cookies.

3. Defrag the hard drive.

4. Turn off your anti virus and firewall before downloading the service pack and installing it.

5. During the install you will be asked if you want to archive the files, do so. The archived file scan be deleted later if the service pack works. Having the archived files, will allow you to uninstall the service pack if you have any problems.

6. After the pc reboots, reboot a couple more times. This insures that when you start up every thing will start up with in a good time period.

7. After rebooting the extra times, turn your anti virus and firewall back on.

These steps will help insure that your download and install do not get corrupted. That is what causes allot of the bad installs of the service pack.

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I'm just curious what exactly should we expect from Vista SP1? Being that you have been playing with it for a while now are there new/improved features as well as fixes?


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Two of the main improvements to Vista will be in the form of two of the updates I listed earlier. And have to do with reliability and performance. With Vista, This may be the only major SP update we might see for Vista. The windows team will break the tradition of waiting, and rolling everything into one big fix. And will now just add any hot fixes to windows update as they are released.

Added to the SP will be a lot of updates that were previously released, SP1 mostly contains changes focused on addressing specific reliability and performance issues that were identified via customer feedback, supporting new types of hardware, and adding support for several emerging standards. SP1 also make additional improvements to the IT administration experience. SP1 is design as as a way for releasing new features; however, some existing components do gain enhanced functionality in SP1.

Here is a breakdown that explains the new improvements. What's in SP1

As for things looking different.... Everything looks the same. But just running Vista with SP1 you do see that they have improved things greatly. So.... nothing on the outside seems different. But everything on the inside they fixed is where it's all really at. Things have really improved for speed. How fast programs open and respond are noticeable. As I stated in the first post. I was amazed at how fast Vista boots, reboots. and they fixed the short hang when you do things, like emptying the recycle bin when you really overload it.

The biggest thing I see is in speed. Yes they added more driver support for hardware. which should cut down on all the compatibility issues you read about.... Not saying there still won't be. I'm not sure if I can run some games I still have that were made for Win 95. But then, I could't get them to run in XP. LOL

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thanks for sharing the information about the up gradation of vista service [pack 1.

it is a good information so that every one can installed the service packs in the computer.

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