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I'm looking for a good search engine, I'm using google now, but I want to get away and try something else. I'm not to keen on yahoo either. Do any of you know of another. I was looking at alta vista, is that one ok? would be thankful for any help . BTW hope I'm not offending any google or yahoo people. Thanks again

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The Master Link List On the Internet:

HotSheet web directory - news, shopping, travel, finance, entertainment, health and more

Vivísimo / Vivisimo Clustering - automatic categorization and meta-search software


Pagebull - Enter search query

Trovando - Searching it ?!

KartOO visual meta search engine

A "Web-Friend": Computer Help, Internet Resource, 3d wallpaper, Professional web design, more!

FAST SEARCH the Web Pick your own tool

Web Search HELP Listing of major search engines; tips and help Home Page

Clusty the Clustering Engine

Brainboost Answer Engine

web-friend Links Including the top computer sites on the web.

Webmaster Resource Center: Links to html, css, security, admin, and other tools

Search Engines - - My Search Engines

direct search - Web Search Tools and Directories (featuring Invisible Web Resources)

About Web Search - Learn How To Search The Web

UC Berkeley Library info on Invisible Web: What it is, Why it exists, How to find it, and Its inherent ambiguity

Rollyo: Create a Searchroll

Your searchroll is a collection of the sites you trust and find useful. It's a personal search engine you create to provide relevant results from a hand selected list of reliable sites.

Scandoo works in a complete different manner than anything else. When you use it to search, it first scans the results for any malicious content. It classifies each site into a different category as well. For example, sexual content sites, gambling sites, etc. If the site contains anything harmful, it gives you a danger warning.

Getting started with it is very simple. Before you can use it, you just need to configure your security settings. Click on the link at the top of the page that says Security Preferences. This will take you to the spot where you can personalize your settings. Essentially, it displays different categories of Web sites that you might find offensive, so you can select the ones that you dislike the most and Scandoo will flag them for you. It also has an option called "Family Guardian," which quickly selects the settings with the aim of keeping offensive information away from children who use the search engines.

Now, here’s how you interpret the traffic lights. A red X obviously means the Web site is not appropriate. A green check means the Web site is okay for your clicking pleasure and an orange question marks means that sufficient information is not available for that particular site.

To get more information about a result, you can simply roll your mouse over to the traffic light and you will be greeted with a popup,providing you more information.

You also have the option of redefining a Web site. If you are an avid user of that certain Web site or if you feel a site has been wrongly classified, you can redefine it. By redefining, you are notifying the

Scandoo folks of a possible mistake.

Removing offensive information from the Internet needs a bigger war than WW1 and II combined, but with tools like Scandoo, it’s making our lives just a little bit easier.

Go give it a spin!

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Try Using Dog Pile for a while. It searches Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Ask all at once. Keep note of which search engine finds the results you're looking for.

I used Dogpile years ago and someone else suggested it the other day so I checked it out again. Really disappointing. I did have some fun and did a search for myself and got a hit on some German site which says that I am either a technology connection or connection technology.

Very interesting.

I primarily rely on google but here are some other search engines I find useful from time to time

Has a nice filter to eliminate duplicate entries

(a weird flash based graphical search , useful in some cases where you want relative searching)

Teoma was good but they got bought by

has a list of about 500 search engines and descriptions, but it is bulky and hard to navigate

(Wait for it to finish loading, it is unreadable until the color change when the load finishes)

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